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BIOLOGY: Principles and Perspectives is now available in its 4th edition in the University Bookstore or obtainable by internet purchase.   The 4th edition is much superior to the 3rd edition in every respect and I strongly recommend that you obtain the 4th edition.  As with any new edition, there are differences in page numbering, figure numbering, quality of graphics, whole blocks of added or changed content to address changes in the past 5 years.  It is not possible for me to provide separate reading lists, figure number referencing as graphics are used in lecture, etc. because in many cases the corresponding content is simply not included in the 3rd edition or earlier editions.  Because of the regular assignments that you will have in the text, and to avoid the regular frustration of finding content, I believe it is worth the investment to purchase the 4th edition.   Although the cost will be greater to "go with the 4th. ed." you will have an investment that many of you will want to keep for your personal future use as a reference, or rent/resell to another student. 

Because of the cost of texts these days, I will leave the decision to you as to which edition you use.   If you decide to go with an older edition, you will need to arrange to borrow the 4th edition from a willing friend on a regular basis to match page and figure numbers and to read content that has been added or greatly revised from the older edition.

John E. Silvius 
Professor of Biology
Cedarville University