BIO 3520  Plant Taxonomy

Useful Internet Sites

Periodic Journal Sources:
Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals
OhioLink to Biological Abstracts Electronic Search

Theory & Approaches to Plant Classification:
Baraminology Study Group -- Applications of Discontinuity Systematics

Discontinuity Systematics and Walter ReMine's Biotic Message

The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories -- by Stephen C. Meyer
PhyloCode Home Page
An Alternative to the Linnaean Classification
"Tree of Life" Web Project
--  Internet project in phylogeny and biodiversity
What Is Plant Systematics and Why Is It Important?  --
Dr. John Freudenstein,  The OSU Herbarium

Nomenclature, Classification, Taxonomic Societies:
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature -- St. Louis Code, adopted 1999
XVIII International Botanical Congress
-- Melbourne, Australia, July, 2011 and Download Flyer
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum) -- Database of Generic Names
Plant Family Finder -- Distribution Maps -- Texas A & M University
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Natural Science Collections Alliance -- an alliance of institutions that house collections 

Online Plant Image Libraries, Flora, and Museums
Cronquist System - Access by Subclass -
Colby College
Cronquist System - Access to Phyla & Subclass - University of Hawaii
Fern Identification Database
Westhill Software
Flora of California -- The Jepson Manual Project

Flora of North America Project

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
World's Primary Data on Biodiversity
Kew Gardens' ePIC Database -- Royal Botanical Gardens, UK
Missouri Flora Webpage -- by Dan Tenaglia, Univ. of South Florida
Missouri Botanical Garden

National Museum of Natural History -- Smithsonian Institution
New York Botanical Garden --
Vascular Plant Type Specimens Imaging Project
New York Botanical Garden -- Gymnosperm Families
Online Flora -- Links to Many Flora
Photo Herbarium of Weeds -- Weed Science Society of America (WSSA)
Plant Image Gallery--Herbs, Trees, Grasses -- Nobel Foundation
Southern Rocky Mtn. Flora -- University of N. Colorado Herbarium; Other CO Links

USDA Plants Database -- Includes Invasive Plants by State
Vascular Plant Image Library -- Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Wisconsin, Univ. of -- Image Library
Zimbabwe, Flora of -- Listings by Plant Family by Hyde, M.A. & Wursten, B. (2004).
Zambesiaca, Flora -- Includes Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Caprivi Strip

Laboratory Techniques and Field Sources:
Wildflowers of the Cedarville Area -- Cedarville University 
Field Techniquies of Missouri Botanical Garden
Plant Taxonomy Course (TAMU)
Ohio Rare Plant List -- ODNR, Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
Federal Threatened and Endangered Species -- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Division
Ohio Invasive Plant List -- ODNR, Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
USDA Plants Database -- Includes Invasive Plants by State

Woody Plant Identification
Cedarville University
Winter Twig Key -- College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech
Winter Twig Key: Close-up Photos -- University of Northern Alabama

Leaf and Twig Identification -- Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario

Weed Identification Guide
-- Virginia Tech.
ActKey -- Key to Angiosperms, Harvard University
Plant Family Finder -- Distribution Maps -- Texas A & M University
New England Wild Flower Society -- Invasive Plant Information

Plant Taxonomy Visit to OSU
Preparation and Itinerary
Post-Visit Study Resources

Molecular Systematics
National Center for Biotechnology Information -- Genomic Taxonomy Home Page, GenBank, etc.
The Legume Information System (LIS) -- via National Center for Genome Research

Molecular Biology of Holoparasitic Plants -- Dr. Andrea Wolfe's Research on Parasitic Plants Lacking Chl.

Environmental Stewardship Links
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Wonderful Plant Links:
"Cool Botany Links" -- by Dan Tenaglia, Univ. of South Florida
Powers of Ten
-- Kaleidoscopic Views from Outer Space to an Atomic Nucleus 

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