BIO 3800  Biological Research

Stream Ecology & Watershed Studies

John E. Silvius, Professor of Biology,  Cedarville University

Stream Water and Riparian Assessment

Land Use Effects upon Stream Quality
Preliminary Studies of Massies Creek -- photos
Report of Results of Fall, 2004 Study --
Available Upon Request:

Methods, Manuals, and Standards:
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
-- USDA Printable Technical Documents
National Conservation Practice Standards
-- NRCS Printable Technical Documents
Stream Morphology, Vegetation, and Macroinvertebrates -
OSU School of Nat. Resources
Methods for Assessing Habitat in Flowing Waters: Using the Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI) -- Ohio EPA

OhioEPA Publications

OhioEPA Home Page
Division of Surface Water Forms and Publications-- Ohio EPA Printible Documents
Primary Habitat Headwater Streams -
Field Evaluation Information

Technical Reports:
Guidelines and Standards for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
- U. S. EPA [Fed. Register]
Ditch Morphology and Macroinvertebrates in an Agricultural Landscape - Great Lakes Protection Fund
Assessing Conditions of Riparian-Wetland Corridors at the Areawide Level - USDA-NRCS

Watershed Condition Series:
Technical Note 1- Biotic Condition Indicators for Water Resources
Technical Note 2 - Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI))
Technical Note 3 - The EPT Index

Massies Creek and Local Information:
North Fork Massies Creek Restoration Program (2006-2009)
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Daily Streamflow Data -- Click on Desired State and Stream Location
Gaging Station Data for Massies Creek, Wilberforce, OH
"Economic Value of World's Wetlands" --
Wetland Report, World Wildlife Fund
"The Stream Study" --
Save Our Streams (SOS) Program, Isaac Walton League

Stream and Wetland Conservation Organizations:
Beaver Creek Wetland Association

Satellite and Aerial Photos:
USGS Global Visualization Viewer
-- EROS Data Center --
Geospatial Data from US Government
Microsoft's TerraServer--
Aerial Images and Matching Topo Maps

Aquatic Biology and Ecology Links:
Freshwater and Marine Microorganisms --
Institute for the Promotion of the Less than One Millimeter

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General Links: 
Greene County -- General Information
Greene County -- Geographical Information Mapping System (GIMS)
Clark County -- General Information

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