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STUDY STRATEGY -- For Success in BIO 100

Principles of Biology Dr. J. E. Silvius 
BIO 100 Cedarville University


As you know from experience, you must plan to be successful.  This “Study Strategy” is intended to give you the necessary ingredients to plan your personal study strategy based upon what has worked for you in other courses.  It includes some built-in incentives that have immediate grade implications (e.g. quizzes, exams); but, it also has much flexibility to fit your learning style.  This “Strategy” has the following four parts: Commitment, Consistency, Conceptualization, and Cooperation.

If you have purchased Biology: Principles and Perspectives, 4th ed. as your text (see cover above), you can refer to the "Study Strategy" in Appendix C of your text.     Otherwise, you will need to print out the "Study Strategy" for your notes by clicking HERE and then clicking on the Adobe Acrobat printer icon on the top menu bar, left side.   This document is being provided for those who have not obtained the 4th edition.   Click on "Which Text Should I Purchase" if you are unsure of which edition to obtain.