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Biological Sites -- Search by Topic:
Virtual Library:  Biosciences -- AIBS Educational Website for Biological Sciences
National Biological Information Infrastructure

Botany and Plant Kingdom

General Links

Botanical Society of America
Electronic Sites of Leading Botany Journals
Scott's Botanical Links:  Subject Index

Careers in Botany
Careers Page -- Botanical Society of America

Specific Plant Biology Links
Plant Taxonomy, Plant Images, etc.
Greenseedling -- Weekly Items on Plant Science -- Links to Plant Molecular Biology

Woody Plant Identification
Woody Plant Identification : Slides to Review Tree and Shrub Identification

Zoology and Animal Kingdom:
         Frog Dissection Slides
         Frog Deformities and Possible Environmental Causes
            Vertebrate Animals: Natural History in Color with Text
   Field Guides on the Internet  -- Amphibians, Arthropods, Mammals, etc.
Songbird Sounds, Photos, etc.

Careers:  Veterinary Medicine

Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
Websites for Ecologists
Ecological Society of America
Trees -- Detailed Ecology by Species

Environmental Internships and More:
 Internship Resource Page

Environmental Career Searches:
Careers in Ecology -- by Ecological Society of America
Careers in Science and Engineering -- Undergraduate/Graduate Suggestions
Environmental Careers Organization
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) -- Click on "Employment Opportunities"
Student Conservation Association (SCA) -- Internships, etc.

Aricles and Opinion:
"Christian Stewardship of the Environment" -- CSSHS Quarterly Journal
"Bald Eagles and Babies" -- Christianity Today Article
Creation and God's Judgment -- Calvin B. DeWitt, PSCF Journal (1996)
Creation Care Breathes New Life into the Great Commission -- The Summit
Cultural Transformation and Conservation: Growth, Influence, and
Challenges for the Judeo-Christian Stewardship Environmental Ethic
- - Fred Van Dyke, PSCF Journal (2006)

Ecology Research and Conservation:

Climate Change:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- Research and Reports on Climate Change ("Global Warming")
dddd Climate Change 2001: Synthesis Report -- Summary to Policymakers
Climate Change/Global Warming - Resources in Government by Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)
Heat Stroke: The climate for addressing global warming is improving (Christianity Today Article)
Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action -- Statement of the Evangelical Climate Initiative
Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship-- Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Questioning the Climate Change Data -- Testimony of Prof. S. Fred Singer, Prof. Emeritus, U. of VA.
Cedarville Student Perspective on Global Warming -- Cedars Campus Newspaper
Evidence for Global Warming - Larry Vardiman, Chair, Astro/geophysics, ICR
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - Petition Project, Oregon Inst. of Science & Medicine
Global Carbon Project

Other Sites:
Forum on Religion and Ecology -- What World Religions Teach; Harvard University
Man and the Biosphere: Biosphere Reserves:  Global Ecosystems and Biodiversity
National Plant Conservation Campaign - Support for Endangered Plant Species
The Nature Conservancy
Conservation International
Society for Conservation Biology
Society for Ecological Restoration
US EPA Environmental Data -- Maps, Reports, etc.

Christian Environmental Stewardship and Education:
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
A Rocha: Christians in Conservation
Christian Youth for Conservation
ECHO (Educational Concerns Hunger Organization)
Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)
Goshen College - Master of Arts in Environmental Education
North Puget Sound Prairie Working Group - Proposed Subsidiary of Au Sable Institute-Pacific Rim

Taylor University - Masters in Environmental Science

Practical "Creation Care" and Initiatives:
Care of Creation, Inc. -- Combining Creation Stewardship and Missions
The Christian Steward -- Stewardship of Creation and Application to Lifestyle
Southern Baptist Environment & Climate Initiative
Healthy Families, Healthy Environment
LocalHarvest -- Directory of Local Farms and Markets
Cedarville University Earth Stewardship Organization
We Get It -- Declaration on Caring for the Environment and the Poor

Missions with a Holistic Emphasis -- Community Health, Agriculture, Nutrition, "Creation Care":
Care of Creation, Inc. -- Combining Creation Stewardship and Missions
SIM International -- Search under "Agriculture" or "Nutrition" or "Ecology"

Sanctity of Human Life:
Center for Bioethics at Cedarville University
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Life Training Institute -- Resources for Communicating the Pro-Life Message

Origin of Life:


Access Research Network
Answers in Genesis
Creation Research Society
Institute for Creation Research

Selected Articles and Websites:
Is Science a Threat or Help to Faith?
A Few Reasons an Evolutionary Origin of Life Is Impossible --ICR Impact Article #403
Notable Christian's Open to an Old Earth
Intelligent Design? Views of Proponents and Opponents -- from Natural History
What are the Genesis kinds? Baraminology—classification of created organisms
The Watchmaker -- Video and Poem from Kids 4 Truth

Philosophy of Science and Bioethics:

Can We Know Truth? - An Essay on Certainty of Truth
What Is Science?
-- Ohio Academy of Science
What is Bioethics? -- Reflections on V.R. Potter's Original Intent

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